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AI Horizon: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Programming

This site is designed to help you learn the basics of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence programming. We provide a smooth transition between learning a language to understanding what to do with it. Read the introduction to see how and why we approach Artificial Intelligence in the way that we do.

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Basic Computer Science: Essays on algorithms and data structures. How to apply your knowledge of a programming language.

General Artificial Intelligence: Essays on neural networks, decision trees. The fundamentals of AI used in many different fields.

Chess Artificial Intelligence: Essays on minimax algorithms, board evaluation. The grandfather of all strategic thinking applications.

Go Artificial Intelligence: Essays on move evaluation, theories, problems. The next frontier of AI.

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Source Code Repository: A toolbox of fully-functional, well commented source code for you to study and learn from.

AI Links: The top links to other Artificial Intelligence resources on the internet.

Books: Reviews of the top staff recommendations for books on Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

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